STEM Club Reboot

I am very excited to announce the recommencement of the STEM Clubs program for Term 2.


STEM Club offers students gifted in the areas of Maths and/or Science the opportunity to take part in weekly STEM sessions including Robotics, Coding and Digital Design. STEM Club will be facilitated by Ms Lorantas on Tuesday afternoons.


This year our Junior STEM Club will include selected students from Year 3 & 4, while the Senior STEM Club will be for selected Year 5 & 6 students. Selection into the STEM Club program has once again been based upon student grades in Maths and Science as well as standardised test data (eg: NAPLAN & PAT-M). There will be further opportunities later in the year to join the club should students achieve the required grades.


Students selected for Term 2 have already returned their first round Expression of Interest forms and so the program will commence on Tuesday 8th May.


Mr Paul Larkin




Some of the great new STEM resources we have at school.