Plastic Free July Update

As part of the school’s Waste Wise program we have registered to become Plastic Free in July and, following on from last term’s class program provided by the amazing ladies at the Wasteless Pantry, we are hoping to raise awareness and knowledge about problems with single-use disposable plastics.
To support this important initiative and classroom teaching programs, the school will be re-instituting Waste Free Wednesdays commencing this week! 
For those who are not aware of this initiative the idea is simple, students are asked to bring lunches and snacks in re-usable  packaging on Wednesdays to reduce the amount of single use plastic packages going into landfill. Regular bins will be put away on these days, with food scraps placed into a container for the chooks! Parents are asked to ensure children have re-usable containers available to take home each day.   


For parents interested in getting involved in Plastic Free July, further information and links to register are available at:
To find out more about how to live a fuller yet less wasteful life, visit the Waste Less Pantry in person or at:   


Mr Paul Larkin