2019 Class Placement Requests

The school has developed a draft class structure for 2019 and parents are invited to submit a class placement request for their child(ren).

Please note that requests must be presented to Mr Larkin in writing (e-mail or letter) by 3pm on Friday 23rd November 2018.


The likely class structure for 2019 at this point includes:

  • 1x Kindy; 1x Kindy/Pre-Primary; 1x Pre-Primary
  • 1x Year 1; 2x Year 2
  • 2x Year 3; 1x Year 3/4; 1 x Year 4/5
  • 1x Year 5; 1x Year 5/6; 1x Year 6

Please note

The structure may change depending on enrolments.

Parent placement requests can only be for educational (eg: split Vs straight grade) or social (eg: friendship) reasons. Requests for specific teachers will not be accepted. 

While all efforts will be made to support parent requests, the school reserves the right to make the final placement decision.


Paul Larkin