P&C Committee

The P&C can be contacted via mundaringpc@gmail.com

or by attending General Meetings which are scheduled twice a term.

2017 P&C Committee Members


President - Trevor Ghouse

Vice President - Jason Grills

Treasurer - Yvonne Chow

Secretary - Dan Ferguson

Publicity (Web & Social Media) - Amanda Welschbillig

Executive Committee

Lee McMaster

Neridah Zlatnik

Katie Pether

Erandi Parish

Marisa Groenewald

Amanda Welschbillig


Auxilliary (fundraising) Committee

Auxilliary Coordinator position - Erandi Parish

Lucy Polich

Katie Pether

Nancy Van Ross

Melissa Crammer

Cherie Ward

Canteen Committee

Shelley Hamersley (Convenor)

Lee  McMaster

Karen Mummery

Canteen Manager - Sharon D'Abbs


Uniform Shop Committee

Uniform Coordinator - Marisa Groenewald


School Council Rep - Del Thompson

WACSSO Rep - Yvonne Chow