Welcome to the P&C



Monday 11th February 2019 7:30 pm in the Staff Room

All welcome!

How to get involved:


Every little bit makes our school just that much better!



March 18th 7:30 pm
The AGM is a great opportunity to learn more about the P&C as well as volunteer your services for the school year. If you are thinking about joining us, have a chat to Claudia Peet our super friendly President, who can give you the rundown on all the roles available.  Agenda for the AGM can be found at http://www.mundaringps.wa.edu.au/uploaded_files/media/agenda_mps_pc_agm_18_mar_2019.docx 

Easter Hat Parade & Raffle
April 12th 9 am

It's that time of year again!
EACH FAMILY has been allocated a book of 10tickets - these are being distributed to the family rep (youngest family member at school).
Extra tickets can be purchased at the front office at 50c/ticket.
Returned Tickets need to have child's name and room number or name and phone number.
Deadline for returned tickets is Tuesday 9th April
Donations of Easter eggs/ craft/ wrapping/ baskets are being collected at the front office. These will be wrapped as the prizes for the raffle.
Contact: Erandi Parish 0407109146 with any questions or to offer your assistance :)



 The Mundaring Primary School P&C comprises:

  • parents and guardians of children attending the school
  • interested persons over the age of 18 years who have paid an annual subscription of $1


We VOLUNTEER our time to raise funds to help the school pay for learning resources and school structures. This benefits all students at our school.


The aim of the P&C Association is to promote the school through:

  • Co-operation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community
  • Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school
  • Encouraging communication, cooperation and participation within the school community
  • Encouraging participation in the school's educational policy
  • Providing a forum for discussion of school issues and gathering opinions
  • Fostering of community interest in education matters


At Mundaring Primary School, the P&C is interested in actively promoting a strong and vibrant school community with open, transparent lines of communication and the ability to provide our children with a first-class learning environment.


The success of the P&C depends on the involvement of parents and the wider school community.  A successful P&C can add immeasurably to the success and appeal of school through ensuring that students have access to the best resources available and that parents are both informed and have a voice.


All members of the school community are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in the P&C.  This does not necessarily mean that you have to take on an official role. 


WACSSO guide 

Why do parents join in the P&C?


  • rewarding involvement
  • assists to keep up with their child/children
  • opportunity for personal development
  • sharing in the school community
  • keeping abreast with educational changes
  • the feeling you have made a difference
  • can provide positive self-esteem 
  • enhances self-respect
  • good environment to meet people
  • want an opportunity to influence
  • get to know teachers/principal 
  • opportunity to share expertise
  • part of a large decision-making group
  • helps link school & community
  • networking can develop opportunities


Your involvement is essential for your P&C to achieve its best.  We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to one of our P&C meetings or activities.